Review: Pitch Imperfect by Elise Alden


Title: Pitch Imperfect

Author: Elise Alden

Age: Adult

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release date: October 20, 2014

Publisher: Carina Press




Once-famous singer Anjuli Carver has returned to tiny Heaverlock Village alone and nearly broke. She’s poured every last penny into a rambling Victorian manor, hoping to start over. Trouble is, her money pit is falling to pieces and the only restoration architect for miles is Rob Douglas…her ex-fiancé.

For eight years, Rob has regretted not telling Anjuli why he never answered her letters. Being left at the altar broke his heart, but being used for sex one night in London after the fact nearly drove him to the edge of sanity, and he’ll be damned if he allows Anjuli to wreak havoc on his life again. He’ll restore her manor, all right, and give her taste of her own medicine while he’s at it.

But how long can revenge last when memories of their shared past keep rushing to the surface?

Soon, Rob wants answers. Why did Anjuli leave the international spotlight to become a recluse in the Scottish Borderlands? And why does she refuse to sing? Anjuli wants nothing more than to be left alone with her grief, even as she struggles to keep her sexy fantasies about Rob in check. With gossipy villagers, interfering friends and more secrets between them than notes on a scale, Anjuli and Rob will need to find forgiveness in order to work together, then decide if they’re willing to risk it all on an encore performance.


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 Rachel’s 5 Star Review

Oh how I LOVED this beautifully written book! I couldn’t put it down and read it in a day! This is a story of regret, bad decisions, love, loss and second chances. It was a meaty read with lots of content that had me drawn in to their world from the very beginning.

We follow troubled Anjuli Carver a now reclusive ex-singer and sexy Scott Rob Douglas, a restoration architect. They are ex-lovers; Anjuli had left Rob at the altar 8 years previously and had disappeared from his life. When Anjuli moves back to her and Rob’s hometown their feelings re-surface yet Rob’s bitterness towards Anjuli and her deep rooted secrets hold them back from acting on them.

I really felt for Anjuli. She was lost and broken by a past tragic life event. She was holding on to so much pain and sorrow, letting it take over and ruin her life and relationships with people. Anjuli was an extremely private person and although there were friends and family she could open up to about her struggles she chose to keep everything bottled up and to herself. She was so fearful of life now, stuck in the past and scared of the future and I hoped so very much that she would allow Rob in and let him heal her.

I fell hard for Rob Douglas. He was very much a traditional man; hardworking with great family values and a good provider and protector. He had the most sexy Scottish accent and sent my pulse rate rocketing knowing he was commando under his kilt in a few scenes! Rob was also battling a wealth of hurt to his emotions and pride by the way he and Anjuli had left their relationship in the past. Fortunately their pull for each other was so strong and their HOT sexual chemistry was undeniable.

There were so many secrets held between them both and other characters in this book which kept me reeled in, excited to watch them all spill and when they did it had me on the edge of my seat and my heart racing!

This book is standalone, everything is resolved and I enjoyed it immensely. This is the second book that I have read by Elise Alden, I love her writing style and her gripping storylines that keep you guessing and engaged and I can’t wait to read more from her!



About the Author

Elise reads, writes and revels in romance, and is never happier than when caught up in a heart-thumping, sweat-your-socks-off tale—hers or somebody else’s. She loves creating stories about flawed characters, people for whom love isn’t simply a question of boy-meets-girl, but a gut wrenching journey of transformation.

 Website | Facebook | Twitter



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Review: Wild Addiction by Emma Hart


Title: Wild Addiction (Wild #2)

Author: Emma Hart

Publication Date: October 20, 2014




In this sizzling conclusion to WILD TEMPTATION, Liv and Tyler see the boundaries of their addictions pushed to new limits as their heads battle with their hearts for an explosive fall into the depths of love…


I gave him my body, and he gave me no strings. It was that simple… in the beginning.

I never could have imagined my temptation could become my addiction. If I knew for a second how entirely Tyler Stone would consume me, I never would have handed him my body so freely.


His addiction feeds mine. My cravings ignite his. Together we are dangerous. Destructive. Obsessive. Wild.


But now it’s too late. We’re bound by more than our inexplicable need for the other, and the ties that hold us together are irreversible.


He craves my body. I crave his heart.

This is addiction.


Wild Addiction is book two of the WILD series. It is preceded by Wild Attraction, a free prequel, and Wild Temptation, the first full-length novel.


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Christina’s 5 Star Review

It is with a heavy heart I write this review, knowing that we’re saying goodbye to characters that I have come to know and love. Tyler, Liv, Aaron and Dayton have all become characters that are near and dear to my heart. Knowing that their story is finished is bittersweet.

Wild Addiction picks up where Wild Temptation leaves off. Their relationship evolves from an addiction to one another to something far deeper. Unfortunately Liv has trouble dealing with it, having trouble defining where addiction ends and love begins. When the two are thrown a major loop that will change their lives forever, they must re-evaluate their future together, and what part they each play in it.

As we have known since meeting Liv way back in the Call books, she can be a little irrational, and a whole lot emotional. As Dayton’s maid of honor, we find her having to deal with Bridezilla, arranging the bachelorette party and being along for the ride when it comes to dress fittings and cake testings. All of this while trying to set up the bar she is to manage for Aaron, and the tumultuous relationship with Ty. Where is her breaking point and can she deal with it without running again? Is Ty willing to be there when things get really bad? 

It becomes apparent that Ty is around for more than just the sex, realizing he loves Liv before she is willing to admit she returns his feelings. That makes me love Ty all the more; that he is willing to wait for her and do whatever it is to prove he is willing to wait for her. To see his emotion when his heart is nearly broken was heartbreaking; to see his elation when Liv comes to her senses is joyous.

While you don’t necessarily have to read the Call series first, you’ll want to read Wild Temptation and even Wild Attraction before reading this one. I would highly suggest reading the Call series first because that is where Liv and Ty originally appear and you can get a better sense of the history between all of the characters.

Wild Addiction was another five star read. Ms. Hart has an amazing way of bringing characters to life. The banter between Tyler and Liv is hilarious, as well as between Liv and Dayton. Each of these characters are very much invested in each other and that is obvious as the story goes on. The Call/Wild series were my first exposure to the brilliance that is Emma Hart and she has made her way onto my auto buy list. I’m sad to see these characters go, but am excited to see what Ms. Hart has in store for us next!




“No, you don’t. You’re impulsive and indecisive and spur-of-the-moment.” He runs his nose up my neck. His breath coats my skin in a swath of heat that sends tingles through me. “It’s what I love about you. I love it when you don’t think.”

“Because when I do, I overthink to hell.”

“Precisely.” He smiles against my skin. “So stop thinking.”

“Even if I think you’re cute?”

“Especially that.” He laughs, his hands settling against my waist.

I expect them to slide down, to cup my ass and pull me toward him. They don’t. They flatten against the small of my back and linger there. The heat from his hold seeps through the material of my sweater.

The tension zings. It bounces off him and me, colliding in the tiny space between us and igniting like fireworks on the Fourth of July.

My chest heaves with anticipation. I want his touch. Despite my earlier thoughts about the sex overriding the rest of our relationship, when we’re here, like this, so close, I can’t help but need him inside me. I can’t help but want to be so connected to him.

“There’s more to us.” The words leave me, barely audible, unintentional.

“What do you mean?” he whispers into my ear.

“Than our addiction. There’s more, isn’t there? It’s stronger than our addiction. More intense, yet just as dangerous. It’s lingering under the blanket of our addictions.”

Tyler eases one hand around my front and up my body until he’s cupping the back of my head. “Yeah. Yeah, there’s so much more than our addiction.”

I press my face into his chest as Nana’s words come back to me. “When you’re in love, you’ll know it.”

“We are so fucked,” I whisper into his shirt. “So fucking fucked.”

8 (2)


About the Author


By day, New York Times and USA Today bestselling New Adult author Emma Hart dons a cape and calls herself Super Mum to two beautiful little monsters. By night, she drops the cape, pours a glass of whatever she fancies – usually wine – and writes books.

Emma is working on Top Secret projects she will share with her followers and fans at every available opportunity. Naturally, all Top Secret projects involve a dashingly hot guy who likes to forget to wear a shirt, a sprinkling (or several) of hold-onto-your-panties hot scenes, and a whole lotta love.

She likes to be busy – unless busy involves doing the dishes, but that seems to be when all the ideas come to life.

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Cover Reveal: REED by Lesley Jones (Owned Anthology)


Title: REED

Author: Lesley Jones

Release Date: November 10, 2014 as part of Owned: An Alpha Anthology



She was mine. 

Our love, unquestioned.

Our futures planned. 

But she didn’t show. 

All that we had, all that we meant, and after all that was said, she just didn’t show. 

That one act from her, changed everything, but it especially changed me and from that moment on, there was no going back. 

No words of love, no whispered promises, just sex and drugs and rock and roll. No one gets a piece of Reed but what they will get is the night of their life, the chance to let go, break their own rules and the best, the dirtiest, filthiest sex ever…

Along with the other four people in my bed.





Owned: An Alpha Anthology



Prepare to be Owned…

Lose yourself in this collection of never before seen novellas from eleven best selling authors from around the globe.

And the best part – they contain controlling alphas, feisty females and story lines that will have you holding your breath.


Pre-Order today for 2.99¢!

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About the Author


I am a born and raised Essex girl now living on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula, just outside of Melbourne Australia, I moved here with my husband and three sons in 2006.
Not only do I love to write but I also love to read and can devour a book overnight if the story grabs me.
I love watching my sons play football and am very partial to a glass of wine, a nicely chilled Marlborough Sav Blanc being my favorite.

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love 2

Review: Sins & Mistrust by Isabel Lucero

Title: Sins & Mistrust (Escort #3)

Author: Isabel Lucero

Genre: Erotic Romance

Publication Date: October 6, 2014




Marc Edwards is a male escort in Sin City. He’s used to being into whatever his clients are into, and doing everything they fantasize about. He’s also used to keeping parts of himself from the people closest to him, and denying himself what he truly wants.

He gains a client who’s unlike any other client he’s had. Nathalia LaBelle actually tries to get to know non-escort Marc. She wants to find out what it is he fantasizes about, and isn’t bothered by the nature of his job. 

Has Marc found someone to open up to? Will Nathalia be able to handle what he desires? What he craves? Lines begin to blur, and Marc struggles knowing a relationship with a client is something that can’t happen. 

But what happens when Lincoln Cash, a man who has his own special relationship with Nathalia, comes into the picture with his own desires, rules, and sinful requests? Will they be able to get on the same page, or will mistrust run rampant and ruin everybody’s chances at getting what they want?

Author’s Note: 

This novel contains M/M, M/F/M, M/F, M/M/F scenes. If any of those kinds of sex scenes bother you, I wouldn’t suggest reading this one. This novel also contains explicit language, and some mild sadomasochism.  Nothing too extreme, just kinky. Meant for readers over 18. 

Author’s Note Pt. 2

While this is book three in The Escort Series, it can be read as a standalone. There is no need to read Living in Sin and Unforgivable Sin first, as this one starts in the time that Living in Sin did, and then follows through the series without giving much away about the first two. You may get some information regarding the other stories, but not much. Marc was scarce in those books, and we now get to see what he was up to. 


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Christina’s 5 Star Review

The third book in the Escort series, Sins and Mistrust, is by far my favorite of the three books thus far. We finally get to hear Marc’s story, and the reasons why he is secretive around his best friends. Sins and Mistrust can be read as a standalone but I highly suggest reading the first two books before starting this one. The events of in this volume take place around the time frame of the first book, but you can better understand the relationships between the three friends better if you’ve read the others. 

Marc is an escort in Sin City, along with his friends Troy and Jace, whom we met in the first two books. When his client for the night is Nathalia (Thalia), the very independent daughter of an hotel tycoon. She hires Marc, citing no time for an actual relationship; however when she starts asking questions of him and is eager to schedule him again, he realizes that she is unlike other clients. She is genuinely interested in him and he in turn sees something more with her. 

When Thalia introduces Marc to club owner Lincoln (Linc) Cash, the relationship between Marc and Thalia is thrown a major loop. Linc is interested in a relationship with Thalia, both sexually and emotionally, however due to events of his past, he feels the need to have another present when having sex with a woman. Enter Marc into the equation. But is Marc interested in a relationship with both Thalia and Linc? Does he even swing that way? Is an emotional relationship between three people even possible? 

I loved seeing Marc with his family, and knowing that despite his career choice, his family was loving and accepting of his lifestyle (both chosen and otherwise). It was refreshing to see his ability to be open and honest with them, while we see so many characters that don’t have that support network. It really made him that much more of a catch and I could easily understand how he had enough was capable of loving two people.

One of the major reasons this was a five star read for me is that Ms. Lucero takes the erotica to a whole new level with ménage scenes as well as M/M scenes. Needless to say, they are H.O.T. If M/M scenes bother you, you might want to avoid this one, however I will say that if you are the least bit adventurous, give this one a try. The relationship, and the way it evolves between Marc and Linc is touching, fueling a passion between the two that translates well to the written word.

This was a five star read for me and it made me love the characters all the more. It was well written, flowing effortlessly in a dual point of view from chapter to chapter. The characters are well developed and endearing, and the friendship between them is believable. I definitely recommend this series!




With my vision partially blocked, I can’t see what Marc is holding in his hand because he’s keeping it fairly low. From all the objects he showed me moments before, I’d be happy with any of them. My body thrums with anticipation, and excitement shoots through my veins. I’ve been begging him to give me all of him for a while now. Perhaps he was too concerned about scaring me off, but I don’t think he realizes how much I love the pleasure and pain combination. I think he’s still stuck in escort mode, thinking he could cross a line with a client and get in trouble. 

My body is begging for him to touch me. I can’t keep still, even with my arms and legs strapped down. I squirm, wanting his hands all over me. 


About the Author

Isabel Lucero is the author of the romantic suspense novel The Secrets That We Keep and the bestselling books in The Escort Series. She was born in a small town in New Mexico and was lucky enough to escape and travel the world thanks to her husband’s career in the Air Force. She’s been married for eleven years to the love of her life and Jr. High School sweetheart. Together they have two of the best and most beautiful kids in the world.

Isabel’s love for reading is anything but new, she’s been reading since before she was a teenager. She started reading books by Mary Higgins Clark and James Patterson before being catapulted into the indie author world thanks to a little somebody named E.L. James.
She currently lives overseas and is working on a couple new stories to share with you. Book three in The Escort Series is coming soon. Isabel loves connecting with her readers and fans of books in general. You can find her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Review: Strangers for the Night by C.J. Fallowfield


Title: Strangers for the Night (For The Night Series #1)

Author: C.J. Fallowfield

Publication Date: October 17, 2014




My name is Logan Steele. I’m devilishly handsome, seriously ripped, well hung, charismatic and highly sexed. Women just can’t resist me. So when I lost my job in the construction industry and was struggling for cash, I decided to put my assets to good use.

By day I’m a private personal fitness trainer. By night I’m a high class gigolo.

I don’t advertise my sexual services anymore, I have a long client list that come to me through word of mouth. I’m that good I’m booked months in advance. Scores of women pay me extortionately high fees to fulfil their fantasies. And for the most part I do. I have a strict set of rules that I abide by, which are provided in the full contract that you’ll receive along with the booking form, if accepted. I’ve bullet pointed an abridged version below, just so you’re clear before you send me an email request:

Rules my clients must comply with are:

I must see a picture in advance.

I can decline the booking request without explanation.

I can only be booked for the night.

All sexual acts must be consensual.

I will provide you with a report to complete, then I will choose the setting for our meeting based on your scenario.

I am flown first class or by private jet if I am required to work abroad.

In the event of the above, I will provide my dietary requirements in advance.

I will perform a full background check.

I base my variable charge on the scenario being requested.


“No” rules that I stipulate are:

No bareback.

No minors.

No physical violence.

Nothing illegal.

No form of emotional attachment during or after the event. I am merely performing a sexual or companion service.

No contact after the event, unless it is for a new booking.


And my absolute number one rule, without exception is:

Full payment up front which, is non- refundable. There is no requirement for a refund clause, I never fail to perform.


So, now you are aware of my rules for the night and are about to contact me, all that remains to be asked is “Who do you want me to be?”

‘Strangers for the Night’ is Camilla Domville’s idea of the perfect fantasy. Meeting a hot guy in a bar and going back to his hotel room for a night of unbridled passion, that’s if they even make it to the hotel room before Logan seduces her.

Downright raunchy, saucy and hot, Logan’s sexcapade with Camilla threatens to be his last, as she’s set her sights on him and is determined to be his one and only client moving forwards. But Logan’s main mantra is “Never get emotionally attached to your client.”

While this works with Camilla, a booking with a future client has him looking forward to it in a way he never has before.


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Christina’s 5 Star Review

This series is going to be so deliciously hot, I’m not sure where to start.

Logan Steele (OMG, you had me at the name!) is a high priced male escort. He has very strict rules his clients must abide by, and he can require that because he is in high demand. What started out as a means to make some quick cash, Logan has embraced his role as a gigolo. He doesn’t even need to advertise because his word of mouth recommendations reach far and wide. He’s booked for months and can afford to be choosy.

In this installment of the series, we meet Camilla, a soiled little rich girl whom has hired Logan for one night for her birthday. Her father is the owner of the luxury hotel in which she has secured the most expensive suite under the guise of throwing an overnight party with her girlfriends. She has ulterior motives though; she has planted cameras throughout the suite in the hopes of getting Logan on camera, to show the world that he is lazy in bed so that he will be hers and hers only. (Think Veruca Salt type of personality.) Logan gives her the night of her life, but he can pay off people just as easily as Camilla can and manages to destroy any evidence that she could use to blackmail him. Beating her at her game, he does keep evidence that puts her in an unfavorable position. 

One of the biggest reasons Logan was able to get through the date from hell with Camilla, was his upcoming appointment, Summer. The scenario she has set up is that of a virgin, making love for the first time. While this isn’t something Logan is particularly comfortable with, he finds himself looking at her photo repeatedly. It’ll be interesting to see if Logan is able to follow through with his date with Summer, given that he seems to be breaking one of his cardinal rules, do not fall for a client.

I’ve become a fan of Ms. Fallowfield’s writing and the idea of this novella series, based on a series of different clients is intriguing. It will be interesting to see if some of the clients might come back at some point, namely Camilla, to see if there is any fallout from Logan’s dismissal of her. The book is sweltering, the writing is excellent and the characters are spot on. This was an easy five star read and I look forward to the next installment!




‘I’m not one for crowds, Miss Camilla. I’m best in a one to one situation.’ I lifted the corner of my mouth into a smile.

‘One to one? Are you trying to seduce me, Sir?’ she gasped, acting all affronted.

‘There is no trying,’ I countered as I leaned in and placed an elbow on the bar, the other on my knee as I spread my legs in a masculine pose. ‘If I wanted to seduce you I would. I’d rip those tiny green knickers you’re wearing to shreds and impale you on my cock before you had a chance to beg me.’

‘And what makes you think I’d be interested?’ she asked as she uncrossed her legs and parted them slightly.

‘The fact that you’re dying to know just how large I actually am that it’s made your tiny little cunt drip with arousal, every man in this bar can smell it, you’re watering for me, aren’t you? Desperate for a stranger to fuck you and take you to heights you’ve never seen.’ I angled my fingers to trail slowly up the inside of her thigh and her eyes glazed as her breathing quickened. ‘Blow off your party, I’ll show you a far better time that you’ll remember for years to come.’

‘Only if I can blow you off,’ she whimpered as my index finger reached the sodden lace. ‘We’re in a public place,’ she whispered as her eyes went wide when I started to stroke. I smiled, this was the reason I refused scripts for the entire night, I only agreed to use certain words or phrases if that really got them off. There had to be some spontaneity or where was the fun? She’d not been expecting me to rub her clit as she sat at the bar in her father’s hotel.

‘That was a given, Miss Camilla. I’ll want you on your knees with your hands tied behind your back as I fuck your throat and you’ll swallow me with no complaint, I may even save some for that pretty face of yours.’

‘O fuck,’ she groaned as she closed her eyes.

‘Not quite yet, but it can be arranged very shortly if you so desire,’ I advised as I slowly trailed my fingers back down her thighs. I heard her gulp as she opened her eyes and nodded at me. I stood up and fastened the button on my jacket, leaving her eye level with my chest as I held out my hand to help her off the stool. She took a sharp breath in, she’d felt it, the elusive crackle that everyone spoke about when they met their perfect match. Despite the number of women I’d had, that crackle still evaded me. I put my hand in the small of her back and steered her out of the bar, aware that many eyes were on us. ‘You live dangerously,’ I observed as we made our way across the cavernous lobby.

‘For accepting the offer of a stranger?’

‘That, and the fact that you’re brazen enough to do it in this hotel.’ I wasn’t supposed to bring up the fact that I knew who she was. ‘You’re not worried people will think you’re a prostitute, dressed like that?’

‘How dare you!’ she hissed as she glared up at me.

‘A high class prostitute, one I’d happily pay good money to fuck,’ I shrugged. ‘Lucky me to get you for free.’

‘I’m paying you arsehole,’ she snapped, breaking cover, as we stood in front of the lift door and she rummaged for her key.

‘Did you never question why the price was so high?’ I asked as I trailed a finger up and down the inside of her wrist making her swallow again. ‘You’ve never been fucked by a real man Camilla, a man so large he could split you in half with one thrust, who can make you come multiple times in seconds just with his fingers, let alone his tongue and thick cock. I’m so large, I’ll stretch you so wide that you’ll have to resort to dual penetration in your cunt to feel half of what you felt with me when you fuck anyone else. I’ve even made a woman come just by telling her what I was going to do to her. Tell me you’re not dripping down your thighs right now at the thought of it? That your little clit isn’t screaming for me to touch it properly without that lace in the way?’

‘Logan,’ she mewled as she swayed on her feet and dropped the private lift key card. I dropped to one knee next to her and stooped to pick it up, pretending to steady myself by clasping the back of her right leg, taking the opportunity to press my thumb against the little known erogenous zone at the back of her knee. I smiled as I heard her pant as my thumb worked while I picked up the key card with the other hand. I released her leg just before she had to reach out to palm the lift door to keep upright. I placed my hand back on the small of her back as I swiped the card, then leaned closer to her and breathed on her neck, making all of her hair stand on end.

‘I’ll take that as a yes,’ I whispered as the doors opened and I steered her into the far corner, keeping my back to the hidden camera somewhere on the wall behind me. ‘How about we unwrap your surprise right now?’

‘Please,’ she begged.


Books in this series


Strangers for the Night

Virgin for the Night

Filthy for the Night

Ménage for the Night

Sophisticated for the Night

Biker for the Night

Dominant for the Night

Actor for the Night


About the Author


I write contemporary erotic romance with humour novels, which are full of emotion and plenty of drama. I am a 44 year old female from the United Kingdom and live in the wonderful countryside of Wales, surrounded by rolling hills, trees and fields full of sheep and cows. Writing aids include chocolate, Ben & Jerry’s and copious amounts of coffee, wine or cider.

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