Biker For the Night by C.J. Fallowfield


Title: Biker For the Night (For the Night #6) Author: C.J. Fallowfield Date of Publication: March 12, 2015 Synopsis Eve Myers, a new client, had always craved a bad boy in leathers fantasy, which I was in the perfect position to fulfil. I had a vintage bike of my own, which I often rode to blow off steam and clear my head. Given my last encounter, a night like that was just what was needed, raw, rough and hard. Eve’s fantasy involved a workshop, oil and sweat, then a long ride, in more ways than one, followed by some outdoor night ... Read More

Stanton Unconditional by T.L Swan

Stanton Unconditional

  Title: Stanton Unconditional Author: T.L Swan Publication Date:  December 14th 2014     Synopsis The follow up to the gripping first novel by T L Swan, Stanton Adore. Unconditional love, does it really exist or is it an urban myth? What does it really mean? Do you love someone because of their flaws? Or in spite of them. And at what point are the conditions more to bear Than the love is worth. This is what I’m trying to decipher This is my story I’ll let you be the judge. Rachel's 5 Star Review Oh I love, love, ... Read More

Cover Reveal: Gabriel’s Treasure By D.M. Earl

Gabriel's Treasure cover

Title: Gabriel's Treasure (Wheels & Hogs Book Three) Author: D.M. Earl Genre: Contemporary Romance  Release Date: May 2015 Synopsis Gabriel “Doc” Murphy found the woman he’d planned to treasure for the rest of his life in a young, shy girl he had seen being bullied in a hallway between classes when they were just kids. Over the years, Doc loved and protected her with all he had, until the day came when he received news that there was something that could take her away from him…Cancer. Being faced with the possibility of losing ... Read More

One to Save by Tia Louise


ONE TO SAVE (One to Hold, #6) (Derek & Melissa) By Tia Louise #SaveDerek March 26, 2015 Blurb Some threats come at you as friendly fire. Some threats take away everything. Family won’t let you go down without a fight. The Secret isn’t as secure as Derek’s team originally thought it was, and a person on the inside of Alexander-Knight is set on exposing him, breaking him, and taking away all he holds dear. Refusing to let anyone suffer for his crimes, Derek takes matters into his own hands. He’s exposed, he’s ... Read More

Double Review: Stanton Adore by T.L. Swan

Stanton Adore

Title: Stanton Adore Author: T.L. Swan Publication Date: September 30, 2014 Synopsis Holiday romances are supposed to be fun…..and quick…….not burned into your damn brain. My skin is branded with her name, my heart is branded with her betrayal and now seven years later I have been forced to return to find that she is just as fucking perfect as ever, the ultimate temptation. I don't want her and I definitely can’t have her. I just need to get my cock to keep up with my brain. Rachel's 4.5 Star Review Wow! My favourite ... Read More

Cover Reveal: Lost Prelude (Alexander & Maya, #1) by Ella Maise

Ella Maise - Lost Prelude

Title: Lost Prelude (Alexander & Maya, #1) Author: Ella Maise Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance Release Date: April 14, 2015 Blurb My name is Maya, and I'm not the same girl I was a month ago. There is an emptiness I carry around in my chest now. A broken heart caused by grief. There are also dark nights where I have trouble breathing as I feel the heavy weight of loss rushing through my veins, painful moments where I can remember my entire being scream in agony as I held onto my father's cold, lifeless hand. Then there ... Read More