Review – Search Me by Katie Ashley

Amazon US | Amazon CA | Amazon UK | Smashwords | B&N BLURB Twenty year old Lane Montgomery never imagined her usually boring summer in the boonies would require her to trade her toe shoes for hunting boots or her monotonous college textbooks for treasure map deciphering. Never would she have imagined after breaking her grandmother’s precious Native American statue, danger, a lost treasure of Cherokee Gold and a hostage situation would arise. Nor could she predict that the one man destined to protect her and her family was her childhood ... Read More

Review: Coming Home by B.L. Mooney

AMAZON | BARNES & NOBLE | GOODREADS BOOK DESCRIPTION: Rebecca Shultz has always known she was adopted. She couldn’t have chosen better parents than the ones that chose her. They’ve always made her feel loved and she’s never wanted for anything—except knowing why she was given up in the first place. Until she finds those answers, Rebecca feels as though she’s stuck in her past. In the hopes of finding those answers, she accepts a job hundreds of miles away from the only home she’s ever known. However, not everyone is happy about her ... Read More

Rule, and Jet by Jay Crownover

Title: Rule  (A Marked Men Novel #1) Author:  Jay Crownover Genre: New Adult Publication Date:  May 7th, 2013 Synopsis Opposites in every way . . . except the one that matters  Shaw Landon loved Rule Archer from the moment she laid eyes on him. Rule is everything a straight--A pre-med student like Shaw shouldn't want--and the only person she's never tried to please. She isn't afraid of his scary piercings and tattoos or his wild attitude. Though she knows that Rule is wrong for her, her heart just won't listen. To a rebel ... Read More

Blog Tour: Kiss of Fire by Rebecca Ethington

  AMAZON | BARNES & NOBLE | GOODREADS   Book Description: Joclyn Despain has been marred by a brand on her skin. She doesn't know why the mark appeared on her neck, but she doesn't want anyone to see it, including her best friend Ryland, who knows everything else about her. The scar is the reason she hides herself behind baggy clothes, and won't let the idea of kissing Ryland enter her mind, no matter how much she wants to. The scar is the reason she is being hunted. If only she knew that she was. If only she had ... Read More

Review: Mutual Release by Liz Crowe

AMAZON | BARNES & NOBLE | GOODREADS Book Description: Can two dark souls ever make a light? As president of her own distribution company, Julie Dawson has all she ever wanted -- money, power, and respect. But her carefully crafted façade conceals a torment of abuse and helplessness. After years remaining emotionally aloof, she is finally independent, but alone. Because she refuses to rely on anyone but herself ever again.  Evan Adams is no stranger to success, or personal demons. The horrific trauma that destroyed his twin sister, and ... Read More

Review: All My Life by Rucy Ban

  AMAZON | GOODREADS Book Description: Seventeen-year-old Kari meets Neil Mars. “Neil as in Armstrong and Mars…as in Bruno.” A boy who beats every vampire, werewolf, highlander fantasy Kari has ever had. But she knows she can’t get close to him. Not ever. Because that would mean telling him everything. Coming clean. And Kari can’t bear the idea of changing the way Neil looks at her. Like she’s the only girl in the world. His reverence is something too precious to lose. Perhaps even at the cost of losing him.  But Kari doesn't know ... Read More