The Anatomy of Jane by Amelia LeFay

Title: The Anatomy of Jane (WJM #1) Author: Amelia LeFay Date of Publication: May 31st, 2016 Synopsis Jane I’ve always been on my own. My life used to consist of nothing but work, keeping Allen out of trouble, and if I had time, sleep. Then I became their maid. Max Every day more than half a million people tune in to watch my show. They trust me. I know it’s because I’m the only son of the prominent Emerson family. However, I like to believe it because I’m honest no matter what story I report on. I’m honest about everything ... Read More

Wednesday by Kendall Ryan

Title: Wednesday Author: Kendall Ryan Date of Publication: May 23, 2016 Synopsis Hard-core fucking. It’s not what I really want, but it’s all he has to offer. He’s filled with turmoil and heartache and regrets, but for two hours every Wednesday all he feels is me. How much I desire him, how desperate he makes me, how much I’d like things to be different between us. Real. He used to be my best friend back before he got married. And now? Now, he’s a young widower. It would be wrong on so many levels to expect something more from ... Read More

The Domville #8 by C.J. Fallowfield

Title: The Domville #8Author: C.J. FallowfieldDate of Publication: March 18, 2016 Synopsis Camilla Domville, heiress to The Domville chain of six star hotels, was used to the finer things in life. Up until now she’d only ever truly wanted one man in her life, a man who didn’t want her in return. A man who made that abundantly clear. Not used to rejection, Camilla heads to London to confront him one final time, in the hope of convincing him that they were the perfect couple, only to have her head turned by a handsome stranger at the bar. ... Read More

Indigo Nights By Louise Bay

Title: Indigo Nights Author: Louise Bay Genre: Contemporary/ Erotic Romance Release Date: February 9, 2016 Synopsis The only thing better than cake is cake with a side of orgasms. Dylan James has no expectations when it comes to relationships. He uses women for sex and they use him for his money and power. It’s quid pro quo and he’s good with that. It works. Beth Harrison has been burned. She’s tired of the lies and the game playing that men bring and has buried herself in her passion—baking which keeps her out of the reach of ... Read More

The Domville #7 by C.J. Fallowfield

Title: The Domville #7 Author: C.J. Fallowfield Date of Publication: January 15, 2016 Synopsis Devon and Nadja book a romantic long weekend at The Paris Domville, to celebrate their anniversary of two years dating. Sharing that weekend with someone else wasn’t on either of their agendas when they set off from their home town of Manchester, but when one of the sexy male masseuses openly flirts with Nadja, Devon confesses that he’s always had a fantasy of seeing her with another man. Initially insulted at the idea, after a very erotic ... Read More

ADDICTED TO SIN by Monica James

Title: Addicted to Sin (Sinful Pleasures #1) Author: Monica James Publication Date: October 8, 2015 Genre: Erotic Romance Publisher: Bookouture Blurb Tell me your deepest, darkest secrets. I dare you. Addiction comes down to one simple, primitive concept. Desire.  My name is Dr. Dixon Mathews, and I’m New York’s finest shrink. For $500 an hour, people tell me their darkest, most sinful secrets.  My own addiction? Sex.  I might be certified in solving other people’s problems, but not mine –  I know I’m a lost cause. ... Read More