Cam Girl by Leah Raeder

Title: Cam Girl Author: Leah Raeder Date of Publication: November 3, 2015 Synopsis Vada Bergen is broke, the black sheep of her family, and moving a thousand miles away from home for grad school, but she’s got the two things she loves most: her art and her best friend—and sometimes more—Ellis Carraway. Ellis and Vada have a friendship so consuming it’s hard to tell where one girl ends and the other begins. It’s intense. It’s a little codependent. And nothing can tear them apart. Until an accident on an icy winter road changes ... Read More

Begging For It by Lilah Pace

Title: Begging For It (Asking For It #2) Author: Lilah Pace Date of Publication: September 1, 2015 Synopsis Some secrets should only be shared in the dark. Jonah and Vivienne’s erotic bond—living out raw scenarios of captivity and force—began as no-strings sex between strangers who shared the same desires. Now the intimacy between them is turning into love, but it’s a love built on fantasies so extreme that exploring them makes guilt inescapable. But the risks they're taking are far more dangerous than they'd imagined. A stalker ... Read More

Strong Enough by M. Leighton

  Title: Strong Enough (Tall, Dark, And Dangerous #1) Author: M. Leighton Genre: Contemporary Romance Release Date: August 4, 2015 Synopsis From the author of the New York Times bestselling Bad Boys novels comes the first in a dark, sexy contemporary trilogy.  Is she strong enough to trust the most dangerous man she’s ever met? And is he strong enough to let her?  How would I describe myself? Well, I’m Muse Harper. I’m a twenty-something painter who loves red wine, quirky movies, and men with a fatal flaw. But that ... Read More

Dirty By A.C. Bextor

Title: Dirty (Vengeance Duet, #1) Author: A.C. Bextor Genre: Contemporary/MC Romance Release Date: July 15, 2015 Synopsis Dirty. Imprisoned in a small room within the walls of the Satan's Creed Motorcycle Club compound, Casey Richards struggles to survive the only life she was raised to know. Her mother, a club whore, and her father, an unknown outlaw she’s never met, Casey’s fate is all but sealed in the eyes of the club. Foul. Unclean. Undesirable. Trapped in a loveless marriage, and with no children of her own, Emma ... Read More

The Emancipation of Love by Mary E. Palmerin

Title: THE EMANCIPATION OF LOVE (Monster, #2) Author: Mary E. Palmerin Genre: Dark Erotic Romance Release Date: June 26, 2015 Blurb I am a monster. A sexual deviant. A gorger for pain. I am Worthless William Welch. But I am hers… Ten years since Welch has seen Gwendolyn he finds himself in Portland, the same city they were supposed to live together; just two bloody lovers against the ghastly ways of the world. But that isn’t how their story would pan out and Welch troubles himself everyday with memoirs of the only one that ... Read More

Faith by Terry Towers

Title: Faith Author: Terry Towers Date of Publication: November 15, 2014 Synopsis Emily I had no idea the wickedness that lay beneath his angelic features and pleasurable touch. I wanted one night out to be wild and crazy; to be like all the other young women my age. I'd been living such a sheltered life that when a new group of friends took me to a nightclub for some drinks and dancing - nothing overly rebellious, considering - I jumped at the chance. And you can imagine my surprise when the sexiest man at the club, ... Read More