Hearts of Fire by L.H. Cosway

Title: Hearts of Fire (Hearts #2) Author: L.H. Cosway Date of Publication: March 9, 2015 Synopsis The Circus Spektakulär is proud to present Jack McCabe: Fire-breather, knife-thrower, risk-taker. My house burned down when I was just a boy, robbing me of both my parents. Now I breathe fire, eat the poison that almost killed me. Crowds come to see me night after night. Men for the spectacle, women for the thrill. I’m an oddity to be stared at and desired. With each flame I spit, I risk my life. I wear scars on my body ... Read More

Review: The Hooker and the Hermit by by L.H. Cosway and Penny Reid

Title: The Hooker and the Hermit Authors: L.H. Cosway and Penny Reid Publication Date: February 2, 2015 Synopsis New York’s Finest Blogging as *The Socialmedialite* April 22 LADIES AND GENTS! I have an announcement! You know that guy I featured on my blog a few months ago? The really, really hot Irish rugby player who plays the position of ‘hooker’ in the RLI (Rugby League International)? The one with the anger management issues, the body of a gladiator and the face of a movie star? The one with the questionable fashion ... Read More

Review + Giveaway: Painted Faces and Killer Queen By L.H. Cosway

Title: Killer Queen (Painted Faces#2) Author: L.H. Cosway Genre: Contemporary Romance Release Date: October 20, 2014 Synopsis Willkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome… Come inside The Glamour Patch club to see the star of our show, Miss Vivica Blue. Do you want to read my diary you nosy little devils? Have a glass of champagne (you’ll need it) and get comfortable because you’re in for some crazy shenanigans brought to you straight from the horse’s mouth. I can be whatever you want me to be: boy, girl, a little bit of both. If you ... Read More

Review: Six of Hearts by L.H. Cosway

Title: Six of Hearts Author: L.H. Cosway Publication Date: July 26, 2014       Synopsis Step right up and meet Jay Fields: Illusionist. Mentalist. Trickster.I think in triangles. You think in straight lines. I show you a table and make you believe it’s a chair. Smoke and mirrors, sleight of hand, misdirection. I trick and deceive. But most of all, I put on a good show. The world thinks I killed a man, but I didn’t. Bear with me. It’s all a part of the plan. Revenge is what I want. I want it for me and ... Read More