Bindings by Kate Roth

Title: Bindings Author: Kate Roth Date of Publication: February 1, 2016 Synopsis I’d only meant to surrender my body but with time, he drove my soul to submit. Ashamed of the woman she allowed herself to become, Sloane Montgomery sets out to repair the self-inflicted damage done to her life. A new town holds her new beginning and when Leo Calloway arrives everything changes. Captivated by Leo and his dark desires, Sloane wonders if her fascination with his dominance goes deeper than fantasy. Has she been seeking punishment to ... Read More

Peachy Keen by Kate Roth

Title: Peachy Keen (Desire Resort #3) Author: Kate Roth Date of Publication: May 18, 2015 Synopsis Georgia Trenton has always been lucky in lust but hasn’t ever been interested in love. She prefers quickies to courtships, never seeing the need for more than just sex. Years of listening to her best friend Danielle’s relationship woes had assured her she was right to avoid romance altogether. But ever since Dani returned from vacation in love and looking like the poster girl for happily ever after with her new boyfriend Evan Weston, ... Read More