Release Day Blitz! Falling Stars: The B Side by J.L. Brooks

  Title: Falling Stars Author: JL Brooks Publication date: March 16, 2016 Synopsis Drugs, Sex, & EDM It had all the makings of a perfect plot, and for bestselling author Lila Keaton-it was a hedonistic past she kept hidden far away. Many nights were spent crossing the velvet rope, dancing until dawn and bedding one of the worlds biggest DJ’s, Hunter Michaels AKA Arial Assault. When Lila’s agent uncovers her thrilling secret, it appears as if nothing is off limits when it comes to pitching the story, whether ... Read More

New Amsterdam: Julia by Ashley Pullo

  Title: New Amsterdam: Julia Author: Ashley Pullo Date of Publication: March 11, 2016   Synopsis Inspired by the captivating stories from Humans of New York, and the narrative structure of a television mini-series, Ashley Pullo lends her unique voice to a new series releasing this fall. Combining her unmistakable wit and distinct writing style, New Amsterdam will feature a trio of petite novels chronicling the lives of three women as they define love in NYC. Julia Pierce is a popular wedding columnist for a ... Read More

Release Day Blitz: The Ground Rules by Roya Carmen

  Buy The Book Amazon US    Amazon UK    Amazon CA The Ground Rules #1   Amazon US     Amazon UK     Amazon CA The Ground Rules : Rewritten #2   Amazon US     Amazon UK     Amazon CA   The Ground Rules were impossible to follow. It was hard not to become completely consumed by the beautiful and enigmatic Weston Hanson. The heart of a romantic was not fit for this kind of exchange. So, when it ended, I was shattered, but it was all for the better…or so we thought.   The Ground Rules ... Read More

Misconduct by Penelope Douglas

Title: Misconduct Author: Penelope Douglas Date of Publication: December 1, 2015   Synopsis Former tennis player Easton Bradbury is trying to be the best teacher she can be, trying to reach her bored students and trying to forget her past. What brought her to this stage in her life isn’t important. She can’t let it be. But now one parent-teacher meeting may be her undoing… Meeting Tyler Marek for the first time makes it easy for Easton to see why his son is having trouble in school. The man knows how to manage businesses and ... Read More

Tess by Ashley Pullo

Title: Tess (New Amsterdam #1) Author: Ashley Pullo Date of Publication: October 15, 2015 Synopsis Inspired by the captivating stories from Humans of New York, and the narrative structure of a television mini-series, New Amsterdam chronicles the lives of three women defining love in New York City. Tess - Thessaly Sinclair owns an artisanal honey shop in the historic Seaport district of Lower Manhattan. She’s savvy and charming, and appears to have it all, but a romantic hang-up is holding her back from experiencing true ... Read More

New Release: Storms Over Secrets By J.A. Deeren

Title: Storms Over Secrets (Over #3) Author: J.A. DeRouen Genre: New Adult Release Date: September 14, 2015     Synopsis Promises are lies dressed up for the party. Secrets poison the fairest of fairy tales. Lies stain the purest of loves. I’ve paid the ultimate price for my choices. The tendrils of those sins bind me to my past. The remnants of my love hold me captive. Then he walks into my life, and makes me believe in second chances. He awakens feelings in me I know I shouldn’t have. I yearn for a future ... Read More