Solace by S.L. Scott

Title: Solace

Author: S.L. Scott

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: September 22, 2017




He puts the Bad in bad boy.

She puts the Sweet in sweetheart.

When a hired gun burns out from the life he’s been living, he returns to the small country town where rumors run rampant and everyone goes to church on Sunday.

With sins and secrets trailing Jason Koster home, he is searching for redemption in hopes of living a life less complicated. He didn’t expect to find the only girl he ever loved now a recently single woman running her family farm.

Delilah Noelle never needed much, but she wanted Jason Koster—one time love of her life. When misunderstandings tear the former beauty queen and quarterback apart, can a second chance heal their broken hearts?

Will the years and circumstances that have passed be too much to bridge the distance to a future together?

Solace is a heartwarming small town romance with plenty of action and swoons that will have this hometown hero vying for the affections of his high school sweetheart.


Christina’s 5 Star Review

Have you read the Kingwood duet yet? Then STOP! Read them first, I implore you! Okay, don’t want to listen to me? Whatever, you can certainly read Solace as a standalone, but trust me, you’ll get so much more out of this book if you read the Kingwood duet first. It will really give you a chance to meet Jason and Let you understand a little better why he is the way he is.

So, assuming you haven’t read the Kingwood duet, you’ll meet Jason Koster, a man that has been away from his hometown for about four years. He left after seeing his girl cozying up to his best friend. The two later married and there was really no reason to stick around. So Jason travels around the U.S. doing odd jobs here and there, accumulating some wealth around the way. Upon learning that his former girlfriend and love of his life, Delilah, is now divorced from her abusive husband Clay, he decides to return.

Jason has decided that maybe after working one job after another, small town life is for him. He’s decided to stick around, working around his mom’s house as well as Delilah’s farm, which she is struggling to keep, given Clay mortgaged it to help pay for his gambling habit. But will Jason always feel like someone is coming to get him given his former line of work? How willing is he to put those he loves in the line of fire?

OMG I loved this book! I loved the mysterious Jason Koster in the Kingwood duet. We really knew very little about him although he played a very essential part in certain parts of the books. Solace helped to explain just where he was coming from and what he had to lose if he kept up with the lifestyle he was living.

I’ve said I loved this book, so it should go without saying that I loved the characters as well. I wanted to root for Jason and Delilah from page one and by the end of the book I wanted more! And please tell me there is going to be a book for Shelby (Delilah’s sister) and Billy (a friend of Jason’s)! The two were absolutely adorable together and I have no doubt you could find some type of angst or conflict there!

The book is told in the first person from both Jason and Delilah’s points of view, which I absolutely loved. So, like I said earlier, try to read the Kingwood duet first, but if you must read this as a standalone, enjoy Jason and Delilah, I know I did. I’m a sucker for second chances and Scott hit this one out of the park!


I used to think she couldn’t resist me, but she had no problem earlier this week. I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve when it comes to Ms. Noelle. Let’s see if she still can. “I’ll be right back.”

“What?” my mom asks, watching me get out of the car. “Where are you going? The light’s going to turn green any second.”

I keep walking.

She sees me. Even though her pretty eyes are hidden behind big sunglasses, I can figure they’re probably damn wide right now. Reaching for the truck door lock, her finger pushes it down just as I arrive. She can kid herself like that. She knows deep down that I’ll never hurt her, but I might pressure her into giving me a little of her time.

Standing on the other side of her door, I knock. Delilah finally looks up and points at the light. It’s green. I shrug. I make the lame twist of the wrist roll down your window motion with my hand because I have a feeling she might not understand if I pretend to push a button to roll it down.

“Get back in your car, Jason,” she says through the glass.

“No. Roll down your window.” To sugarcoat it, I add, “Please.”


“What do you mean why? I want to talk to you and I don’t want shout through the glass.”

Huffing, the glass slides down slowly. “What is it?” She keeps her hands on the steering wheel and her grip seems to tighten just a bit.

She glances my way, so I say, “I want to see you.”

“You’re seeing me, Jason, so if that’s all there is, I’ll be going no—”

The glass starts to roll up, but I clamp my palm over it. She releases the button and looks up at me. “I don’t know what happened the other day, what turned your mood so quickly, but I’d like another chance for us to talk this time.”

“It’s not a good idea.”

“It’s a great idea, actually. All you have to say is yes.”


My smile tilts into a smirk. “You haven’t changed much.”

“Then you haven’t been paying attention.”

About S.L. Scott

Living in the capital of Texas with her family, Scott loves traveling and avocados, beaches, and cooking with her kids. She’s obsessed with epic romances and loves a good plot twist. Her favorite color is blue, but she likens it more toward the sky than the emotion. Her home is filled with the welcoming symbol of the pineapple and finds surfing a challenge though she likes to think she’s a pro.

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