Crosshairs by Kate Stewart

Title: Crosshairs (Predator and Prey #2)

Author: Kate Stewart

Date of Publication: June 30, 2017


It’s a liar’s word. No one is ever truly safe.

Daniello still haunted me—in my bed, in my dreams, in a ridiculous notion of a future we would never have.

I was drawn to darkness; and he was the abyss.

My love for him made me flesh and bone—vulnerable.

I was finally a woman with something to lose and would do anything to keep it.

But when my past caught up with my present, it became clear that safe would forever remain an illusion.

Laz was coming for us, his looming darkness a threat to the life I carefully designed.

Armed with hope, and ready for battle, I never imagined the casualties of the war that came to me.

And then I lost all control.

Christina’s Five Star Review

I’ve been waiting a long time for this book, and usually when there is a large gap between books I have a tendency to forget what may have happened in between, and I’m not one for re-reads. This series though…*bites knuckles*

Camouflage, the first book in this duet was amazing and left off in a cliffhanger so Crosshairs picks up right where Camouflage left off. I’m not going to recap the story, because there are some major plot twists and I do not want to spoil them. Believe me, you don’t want them spoiled either. This is one of those books (series) that evokes nearly every emotion possible. Love, loss, hope, desperation…keep the tissues handy and prepare for a wild ride.

Unlike the first book, Crosshairs is told in the first person from three different POVs, Taylor, Daniello, and Laz’s. While three different POVs may seem ambitious, Stewart manages to do it with ease. The characters are complex, as are their stories and the way that they all center around Taylor, a kickass heroine who finally reveals that she’s human after all. Underneath her tough exterior is a woman who finds her priorities shifting, with the discovery that family is what matters more than anything. No amount of money or success will fulfill her, and she must fight for those she loves, regardless of the consequences or her own safety.

There are several flashback scenes between Taylor and Laz that soften those hard edges Laz has developed as a result of his drug use. It’s easy to see just how difficult it may have been for Taylor to leave the way she did and humanizes him, something that years of addiction have stripped him of.

And Daniello…*bites knuckles again, only much harder* He’s right near the top of all-time book boyfriends. He straddles the thin line between wrong and right when it comes to those whose morals are questionable. He’s like a ghost, yet omniscient, involving himself in all of Taylor’s affairs simply to keep her safe. Their relationship is complicated, yet changes them both for the better.

Crosshairs is a riveting, erotic, page-turner that will consume you from the first page. If you haven’t read the first book, you MUST. This is definitely not one of those books you can just jump into and know what’s going on. If you haven’t read the first, luckily for you, you can read them back-to-back. Do it, you will not regret it.

About the Author


Kate Stewart lives in Charleston, S.C. with her husband, Nick, and her naughty beagle, Sadie. A native of Dallas, Kate moved to Charleston three weeks after her first visit, dropping her career of 8 years, and declaring it her creative muse. Kate pens messy, sexy, angst-filled contemporary romance as well as romantic comedy and erotic suspense because it’s what she loves as a reader. A lover of all things ’80s and ’90s, especially John Hughes films and rap, she dabbles a little in photography, can knit a simple stitch scarf for necessity only and does a horrible job of playing the ukulele. Aside from running a mile without collapsing, traveling is the only other must on her bucket list. On occasion, she does very well at vodka.

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