THE CORNERSTONE by Kate Canterbary


Title: THE CORNERSTONE (The Walsh series, #4) 

Author: Kate Canterbary

Publication Date: December 8, 2015


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A tough-as-nails businesswoman. An arrogant Navy SEAL. A power struggle with no end in sight.

Some people hook-up at weddings. Others break a hotel room bed (and a table, and a desk, and some complimentary bathrobe belts) and discover they’ve been surviving on bargain basement orgasms their entire lives.
The last one? Yeah. That’s all me.

She’s driven and demanding…

He’s never walked away from a challenge…

They’re wrong for each other in every possible way…
Or are they?


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Natalie’s 4.5 Star Review

It takes real talent and skill to create a series that book after book just keeps getting better and better. 

After the death of her mother at a young age, and left with an alcoholic father, Shannon Walsh had no choice but to become the cornerstone of her family, that one brick that holds the rest together.

Smart, strong-willed and as tough as nails, Shannon is a force to be reckoned with. She runs her life, her family and their business with complete dedication and a serious set of balls.

It was as if Strawberry Shortcake fucked Winston Churchill, and nine months later, Shannon Walsh was born.

So what kind of man could possibly keep up with the fiery redhead and get her to submit?

Will is a big, sexy Navy Seal who is back in the US to attend the wedding of his sister Lauren. For those of you who haven’t read book one in the Walsh series, Underneath It All, Lauren is getting married to Matt Walsh, Shannon’s brother. At the wedding Will and Shannon are forced together where insults are thrown and sparks fly. It all leads to a wild night with multiple orgasms and lots of broken hotel room furniture. *my kind of night*

I was bringing this girl to her knees tonight. I didn’t care what it took, she was going to surrender to me. 

When one night isn’t enough, Shannon and Will begin a secret “relationship” away from their families. But even beyond the amazing sex and chemistry things between them are not without its problems. Shannon inability to give up control, conflict between the Walsh sibling and Will’s time away at work with the Seals all add drama and conflict that provides depth and balance to the story.

Well written and entertaining, The Cornerstone really had everything I wanted from Shannon’s book. The insults and witty quips had me smiling throughout the entire book. The power struggle between Shannon and Will was just as much of a turn on as the actual sex. It was all so deliciously wonderful. My ultimate porn would be to grab a tub of popcorn, sit back and watch the verbal sarcasm fly. And the texting! I laughed out loud, I got a little hot and I fell even further into smiley-happy-adorable-love with this fictional couple. 

If you haven’t checked out this series you seriously need to get on it right now. I adore the Walsh family and I can’t wait for more from Kate Canterbary. 


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Text Convo 2.Part 2

Text Convo 2.Part 1

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About the Author 

Kate Canterbary doesn’t have it all figured out, but this is what she knows for sure: spicy-ass salsa and tequila solve most problems, living on the ocean–Pacific or Atlantic–is the closest place to perfection, and writing smart, smutty stories is a better than any amount of chocolate. She started out reporting for an indie arts and entertainment newspaper back when people still read newspapers, and she has been writing and surreptitiously interviewing people–be careful sitting down next to her on an airplane–ever since. Kate lives on the water in New England with Mr. Canterbary and the Little Baby Canterbary, and when she isn’t writing sexy architects, she’s scheduling her days around the region’s best food trucks.

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