Triple Review! Strings Of The Heart By Katie Ashley


Title: Strings Of  The Heart(Runaway Train#3)

Author: Katie Ashley

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: May 12, 2014




Twenty year old, Allison Slater has been in love with her brother’s bandmate, Rhys McGowan, since she was fifteen years old. But to him, she’ll always be Jake’s little sister and off limits. Now a college sophomore and licking her wounds from a bad breakup, she sets her sights on making Rhys see her as someone he could date…maybe even love. Her opportunity comes when Rhys visits his parents in Savannah where she is attending college. But the night she’s dreamed of turns to heart-break, and she realizes she’ll never be the one for Rhys.

For Rhys McGowan, his nightmare began when he woke up, naked and hung-over, next to his bandmate’s little sister. Unable to remember a thing from the previous night, he only makes matters worse by lying to Allison about not being interested in her. The truth is he’s spent the last year to ignore his body’s reaction whenever Allison is around. His resolve is tested when Allison comes on tour with Runaway Train, as both Jake and Abby’s nanny and to fulfill her fashion design internship. The more time he spends with her in the close quarters of the bus, the harder it is for him to resist.

Will Rhys realize that having a relationship with Allison is worth fighting for even if it means that he has to fight his best friend for a chance?


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Mary’s 4 Star Review

Strings Of  The Heart pulled at my heartstrings and played a beautiful  lovely melody throughout the book.   Katie Ashley has proved yet again how much I love each and every member of Runaway Train.  Rhys and Allison instantly stole my heart from the very beginning.   This is a story of somewhat of a unrequited love between Rhys and Allison.    I can honestly say this story took a lot out of me emotionally.  But isn’t that what it’s about?  I want to feel what these characters are feeling!   That’s exactly what  poured out of the pages for me.  I enjoyed every minute of it!

Allison has been love with Rhys since she was thirteen years old.  The moment she met him there was no one else. Rhys is her brother’s best friend and bass player for Runaway Train. He’s never seen Allison then a sister.  Rhys goes home for a family visit and since Allison attends college near his parents he decides to check in on her.  He expects to find a girl but Allison has grown into a beautiful women.  Rhys starts having feelings for her and tries his best to ignore him.  Allison will always be off-limits to him.   Her feeling haven’t fizzled out and she is even more enamored with Rhys.   The time they spend together is meaningful and the once unrequited feelings are now requited ones.  Hearts are now on the line when one night turns into more.  Will Rhys realize that Allison is worth all of his fears?  Or will his fears win over in the end?

There were some really sweet and loving moments between Rhys and Allison.  The first half of the book was just about them.  They were both trying to work out their feelings for one another, but the more time they spent together the closer they became.  These two cared for each other so deeply but fear held them both back for different reasons.  The struggles were real and their fears were warranted.  It does lead them to some explosive and passionate times that can’t be missed.

If you are missing the other members of  Runaway Train have no fear they are on board for the ride.  I have to say that each of the books in this series have been very different and unexpected.  If you have read any of the other books then you have to read Strings Of  The Heart.  These books are the perfect complement to the other.  If not that’s fine too!  You can start with this one, but I see the entire Runaway Train series in your future.


Cindy’s 5 Star Review

My first introduction to The Runaway Train was by a fellow reader and I haven’t stop since. I will forever love Jake and Abby’s story. In Strings of the Heart, you get to see Jake’s sister and band mate go through some ups and downs as they fall in love.

I was so excited to read about Jake’s little sister Allison and his bass player Rhys. They’ve known each other for about seven years but nothing was ever pushed into play until they see each other again. The anticipation of what was yet to come had me thinking what kinda of chaos would cause between them or the group. 

Allison is no longer a little girl but a grown woman who knows what she wants. As for Jake he will always see her as his baby sister. And when it comes to her, he will protect her from anyone who’s trying hurt her. You get to see the loving and caring aspects of Jake for Allison.

Rhys is Jake’s band mate and very close friend who’s taken by Allison’s beauty and her loving ways. But as a friend to Jake, he would never ever want to pass that boundary with Allison.

Allison’s not the whiny female in this book but a strong woman who has her own ambitions in life. Rhys on the other hand is not used to having someone close to him or caring. I don’t want to say too much but I did wonder if his own undoing would cause the one woman who truly loves walk away from him.

I loved reading this book and hope there’s more to come in this series. It was such as sweet and sexy read that I didn’t want it to end.



Christina’s  4.5 Star Review


I told you Rhys’s single days were numbered. Finally we get a glimpse into who Rhys really is and what makes him tick. Throughout Runaway Train’s history, he was the younger, mysterious bass player. The one who stays under the radar, the one that keeps his cards close to his chest. We knew he had a pretty messed up family life, it’s only now we really get an idea of just how messed up his past really is.


Allison of course is Jake’s little sister, and when she joins Runaway Train’s summer tour in order to work on a fashion design internship; Jake is in overprotective mode, as usual. But when Rhys heads down to Savannah to spend some time with family before the tour, he has the opportunity to spend some time with Allison before the tour starts up. She’s homesick and needs to see a familiar face; he’s trying to deal with having to deal with his family on a daily basis. They’re spending everyday together, it’s just a matter of time before things start to happen and a night of a little too much emotion with some added tequila is just the situation to get the fire ignited.


The Runaway Train series is one of my favorite rock series out there. The characters, while rock stars, are still all very down to earth, not forgetting their roots and how they got to where they are. They all understand the importance of friends and family and I completely appreciate that. It makes them more relatable than the over the top extravagance a lot of rock star stories have. My only problem is that this story was a little more predictable than the previous books in this series. We know that at some point there is going to be a confrontation between Rhys and Jake, I mean, how else could things go down? I think that is my only issue with this book because like all of Katie Ashley’s books, Strings of the Heart is highly entertaining, well written, and hard to put down.


I give Strings of My Heart 4 ½ stars simply due to the predictability factor. I would have liked to have seen Allison maybe have had a little more backbone to stand up not only to Jake but to Rhys as well, so that maybe the story wasn’t quite as angsty as it came across. While not necessarily a wishy washy type of heroine, Allison could have stood to be a little more willing to go to bat for herself.


I loved seeing the inclusion of the rest of the band and how they interact together and I loved that Ms. Ashley included a character that was very relatable to many, Ellie, Rhys’s autistic sister. It’s a reminder that we’re all human and all affected by the human condition in one way or another. I’m definitely interested to see the direction Ms. Ashley takes Runaway Train in, I know I need more!



About the Author


Katie Ashley is the New York Times, USA Today, and Amazon Best-Selling author of The Proposition. She lives outside of Atlanta, Georgia with her two very spoiled dogs and one outnumbered cat. She has a slight obsession with Pinterest, The Golden Girls, Harry Potter, Shakespeare, Supernatural, Designing Women, and Scooby-Doo.

She spent 11 1/2 years educating the Youth of America aka teaching MS and HS English until she left to write full time in December 2012.

She also writes Young Adult fiction under the name Krista Ashe.







“You’ve been utterly and completely blind haven’t you? Or I guess it’s more like you’ve been emotionally shut off.” She took a tentative step towards me. “Last night meant everything to me because I was with the man I loved. The man I’ve been in love with since I was thirteen years old.”

Her words had the same effect as if a lightning bolt had shot out of the sky to slam with jolts of electricity. “You’re in love me?” I asked.

“I can’t believe I ever took you for such a smart man, Rhys,” Allison snapped.

Running my hands over my face, I shook my head. “God, how did I not see it for all those years?” As my mind whirled with thoughts, I wondered if I had just been ignoring all the signs that were already there. I’d never had a girl that was just a friend. All these years, I’d treated Allison as a little sister. Somehow in the last three weeks, our relationship had changed into one of friendship. At the same time, I had to wonder if I’d been deluding myself. Was what I was feeling for Allison more than just friendship?







Vicious Cycle




David aka ‘Deacon’ Malloy has devoted his adult life to the Hell’s Raiders motorcycle club. Plucked off the streets as a teenager for his fighting ability, he willing embraces the violent life-style of his new family. After his adoptive father’s murder during the last club war, he slid into the vacated role of Sergeant at Arms. His world is thrown for a loop when a former club whore dies, and the five year old daughter he had no idea he had fathered is deposited on the club steps.

Alexandra Evans followed in her parents’ footsteps by going into education. As a Kindergarten teacher, she loves helping her young students learn to read and write. At the start of the school year, one little girl stands out to her above all the rest. With an aura of sadness about her, Willow Malloy is someone who needs all the tender loving care Alexandra can give. When she suddenly stops coming to school, Alexandra goes in search of her. What she finds is a clubhouse full of bikers, and a father hell bent on keeping his daughter always within his sight during a turf war.

The moment Deacon lays eyes on Alexandra he knows he has to have her. He doesn’t give two shits about the fact she’s a naïve civilian or that she has no desire to become another one of his conquests. He’s never found a woman he couldn’t have, and he wants nothing more to persuade Alexandra into changing her mind.

Will Deacon seduce Alexandra into his dark world, or will she help him embrace a brighter future for himself and his daughter?


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