Break Her by B.G. Harlen


Title: Break Her

Author: B.G. Harlen

Release Date: August 8, 2012



“The moment she woke up, her nightmare began…”

What would you do if you awakened to find a dangerous stranger in your house? In your bed, next to you? Now your home has become your prison, and your body, a battlefield. How would you hold onto your sanity, your self-esteem, your very soul against someone determined to annihilate all three?

In the psychological thriller BREAK HER, one woman will find herself in this almost unthinkable situation, and one man will discover that he has finally come up against someone unlike any of those he has destroyed before. 

On the surface, this intruder has all the advantages: strength, weapons, ruthlessness. The only way he can lose is if he finds himself responding to his victim on a human level. The only way she can win is if she rips away the protective lies she’s told herself, the hard shell of indifference she’s hidden in, and becomes again what she has not been since she lost everything that mattered to her, years ago: human.

Warning: Includes graphic depictions of rape, sex, and violence and is for readers over the age of 18 only.


Natalie’s 5 Star Review

Talk about a mindfuck….

I am having a hard time writing this review. I want to say that I loved this book but it just feels wrong to love something that is so dark and disturbing. But if I am going to be honest with myself I really did love it. It was brutal and sick but also witty, sarcastic, and believe it or not funny at times. I laughed, I cried, I gagged. I don’t think a book has made me think as much as this one has in a long time. 

“Oh, god,” she said, from the floor. “I don’t know which is going to be more exhausting. The intellectual fencing or the fucking.”

I think that quote sums up the book rather well. There is no easing into this story, it smacks you right in the face and you are unable to recover until the end and maybe not even until well after that. Right from the very first page you are thrown into a series of relentless rape and psychological torture. 

You learn very little about the characters, not their names, not the why or the who behind the reason for these events. While the need to find some answers did cross my mind, it truly was inconsequential to the story, it wasn’t what the story was about. This is a story about the game that these two characters are playing with each other. The game and characters are written so well and with such intellect. The male character pissed me off with his arrogant demeanor. You felt his coldness, you could picture his evil smirk and you believed every minute of it. The female character broke my heart, not from having to endure the sexual assaults but from her almost clinical numb view on the situation and her life. I wanted to shake some emotion into her at times but then she wouldn’t have been as intriguing as she was. 

Understandably this book is not for everyone but for those who do choose to read it I can only hope that it creates the same level of emotion in you that it did in me. After all a good book is more than just the words written on the pages, its the feelings and emotions that will never leave you after having read it.



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